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We know how important comfortable seating is and how it affects our health. We were taught this not only by the pandemic and the time of being locked down at home, but also by our previous experiences.
For years we have been working for companies producing chairs and furniture, and therefore, children have become our most important perspective in this project. We strive to free future generations from disabilities resulting from poor sitting habits due to the use of non-ergonomic seats during the prolonged study time. Ergonomics and health are not a marketing slogan for us – they are a challenge and a goal.
Our constant ambition is to use the best tradition of furniture craftsmanship so that our products are durable and based on sustainable production processes. We produce FSC-certified furniture and we try to select only materials that have a low environmental impact and can serve users for a long time. At the same time, we are looking for different solutions and different perspectives because health and physical fitness in a society that spends more and more time motionless become a very important element of designing for children. We know that this is our shared responsibility.
Our chairs and desks are intended not only for furnishing schools, but also apartments where children need a place to study. We test the furniture many times (also on ourselves), certify and constantly develop it so as to ensure not only good ergonomics, but also durability. We focus on functionality over aesthetics. That is why we offer a five-year warranty. Our furniture is not intended for decorative purposes, but for everyday use, and most of all for comfortable sitting and… sitting.
“The only important thing about design is how it relates to people” – Victor Papanek (Design for the real world). For us, design means Papanek’s vision of design – design that asks questions, solves problems and deals with matters that have a real impact on our quality of life. We believe that “good design makes our world not only more beautiful, but also more friendly”. Not only for us, but also for our children, for future generations.
In our projects, we cooperate with physiotherapists, researchers and schools. It is important for us that different perspectives influence what we design for children. Therefore, you are more than welcome to join us in cooperation. Write to us.