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Holme Team
We believe that “good design makes our world not only more beautiful, but also more friendly”. Not only for us, but also for our children, for future generations.

Łukasz Stawarski  & Bartłomiej Pawlak


Not always a designer’s job is a mission, not every project has the potential to change life for the better. Therefore, working on products for holme has been extremely rewarding. From the very beginning, the project is accompanied by good energy and a friendly atmosphere, thanks to the involvement of all parties and belief in the deep meaning of the activities. We spend most of our lives in the sedentary position while at school, college or university, and finally at work. The idea of ​​taking care of the health and correct posture of children has inspired us. At this stage of human development, where and how they sit has the actual meaning and influence on concentration, tension reduction and, of course, consolidating good habits while sitting and studying. Current solutions, most common in schools, are not adapted to long-term sitting. Contemporary schools are changing, new educational ideas more and more comprehensively care for the intellectual development of children, but the issue of the right attitude during learning is ignored. We have worked on many chair designs, but holme belongs to a completely different category. In addition to construction, aesthetics, and searching for the nature of an object, there is also mobility which ensures better ergonomics. We know that our project is necessary and important. We are happy to provide it to users.


Pawlak & Stawarski established a design office in 2014. They have designed, among others, Meble VOX, FAMEG, NOTI, Marmite. Awarded with many international prizes, including German Design Award, iF Design Award, Good Design Award, Must Have, Dobry Wzór.

Andrzej Polanowski


I have been working in the furniture industry dealing with the manufacture of chairs since 2012 and I have always been extremely fascinated by technology combined with ergonomics, supporting the seating function and the moment of rest. We are Homo Sapiens and as such we are probably not made to sit all the time. Our body demands movement but we tend to spend more and more time sitting. I try to share all my knowledge, publications and thoughts about sitting on the blog, which is part of this website. I invite everyone for whom this area of ​​our living is as important as it is for me, including but not limited to physiotherapists, scientists and designers, to contact and cooperate with holme. 


Andrzej Polanowski – Founder of Holme. Responsible for the implementation of new, award-winning designs of children’s chairs and furniture. Promotes ergonomic solutions for offices, homes and schools.

Katarzyna Świętek


How we live and what we live for, what we do for health and what we do for nature, what we want to leave behind and what we want to change for the better here and now. Even if it sounds lofty, in this way we can try to change, sometimes a little bit, the world around us. And that is what holme is like – wise, warm, empathetic and built on the belief that good design serves the world and people. 


Katarzyna Świętek – coordinator of many design initiatives, including the project of the Astrid Lindgren school in Milicz, which was designed by the Wrocław-based PORT architectural firm and was awarded by both adults and children.