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Return to School.

It is already end of August and in a moment the children will go back to school. This are Important Solutions, that You should consider before You will fall into your daily routine.

1. Take a Close Look At Their Backpack.

Overloaded, incorrectly packed or incorrectly carried can lead to spinal damage, which in young age can lead to serious problems.   

Bellow tips what You should check:

  • the backpack should be no more than 10% of your child’s weight, 
  • packing the backpack You should put all the things evenly on both sides and avoid to put heavy things just on the one side,
  • heavier items You should put closer to the back and in the middle of the backpack,
  • lighter items You should put in the farthest pockets from the back,
  • always wear both shoulder stripes, do not allow the child to use just one of it, 
  • set the shoulder stripes according to the height of the child, when the backpack is far away from the spine, the child feel the weight stronger, so it is really important to set it correct,
  • when the backpack is fitted with the waist belt and chest belt, the child should use it, because they help to hold the center of gravity close to the body,

2. Invest in their Learning & Homework Workspace At Home.

The following tips are simple and can prevent aches and pains while completing schoolwork:

  • vertical aligment of the ears with the back relaxed,
  • Elbows bent at 900 and wirst in line with forearms,
  • Feet based on the ground, if the chair have to be heigher so the feet does not reach the ground it is recommend to use footrest – You can use even an old books,
  • the sight distance to the monitor should be approximetly as the straight arm distance, 
  • top of the monitor should be a little bellow eyesight and tilted back about 15-20 degree,

3. Take A Good Look At Their Habits.

  • remember every hour to make at least 5 minute brake,
  • take a look at the noise, workplace should be isolated from it, if You can not do it, use earphones or earplugs,  
  • limit reflections on or glare on the screen by cover the monitor or rotate it,